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in Math & Science.

teacher and children conducting a experiment
Our Mission

To encourage children to confidently pursue science or engineering careers through lab learning opportunities, tutoring, and mentorship.

  • Making science and math connections between what students learn at school and the knowledge gained through our lab experiences


  • Giving academic assistance to students who need help in improving study skills and understanding math/science concepts

  • Providing students opportunities to gain insights from STEM professionals regarding their career paths and daily responsibilities

The Vision

SPARK Access will provide consistent opportunities in the Houston area for children to participate in scientific discovery and investigations.

Our academic assistance and career mentors will encourage students to see themselves as scientists. SPARK Access will produce a more confident student scientist. 


SPARK Access will also follow up with our SPARK Access alumni if they choose to work toward fulfilling the high school requirements of the TEXAS STEM endorsement plan.

The Vision

Who are we?

SPARK Access is a Texas-based STEM career development company whose focus is to increase the number of children on the science or engineering career path. 

Professional development should begin in childhood. Therefore, SPARK Access will give students STEM experience so that the scope of their career options is broadened.



Core Values
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All children deserve the opportunity to reach their goals. 

Our guided design opportunities, tutoring, and mentorship provide the SPARK Access student with the experiences that demonstrate to the child that she or he can develop what it takes to be a STEM professional.

Behind the Spark

Behind the SPARK

Robbyn Pope is the founder and program director of SPARK Access. She served as a community volunteer in public schools sharing her excitement for science with children, and in advisory roles regarding statewide science instruction. Prior to her years as a volunteer, she began her STEM career as a chemist, earned her Master of Education in Teaching and Curriculum, later taught high school science, and was science department chairperson. Providing support and encouragement for children exploring their interest in STEM was the impetus behind the establishment of SPARK Access.

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We are on a mission to STRENGTHEN problem solving skills in your child and foster RESILIENCE and CREATIVITY.

Science Exploration

Engineering Design Challenges

Math Enrichment

Stem Camp 2024
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